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Integrating Compliance into your ERM Framework

Keeping on top of compliance in a COVID-19 world

Leveraging your ERM Framework to painlessly manage Regulatory and Ethical Compliance

Unfortunately, as COVID-19 grips the world’s attention, other risks don't get isolated. Compliance and Compliance Risk, at the best of times, are often met with fear and despondent resignation that although we know it needs to be done, it requires a huge effort and lots of "ticking boxes".

It seems an insurmountable task and even if you were to get on top of it, constant regulatory changes means that you need to constantly be vigilant to stay on top.

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Constant regulatory change means that you need to constantly be vigilant to stay on top.

This webinar addresses how you can leverage your ERM framework to not only reduce the pain of compliance but also how you can use your compliance capability to help manage you through the COVID-19 related risks so that:  

  • Effort is minimised
  • Compliance Assurance is maximised
  • Impost on the business is minimised by creating one face to business
  • Your compliance pains go away, or at least are reduced!
  • You leverage your compliance framework to help manage COVID-19.

Key topics that we covered

  1. The pain points of Compliance
  2. Compliance-based, Risk-based and Ethical-based compliance
  3. The impact of COVID-19 on Compliance
  4. Managing compliance obligations and regulatory change
  5. Compliance Risk Appetite – what does it mean?
  6. Integrating Compliance Risk Management into Enterprise Risk Management
  7. Using Compliance in decision making and in managing COVID-19 risks
  8. Reporting for Compliance

Your Presenters

 Ian Hadwen

Ian Hadwen
Global Head of Sales, Protecht
Presenter for the UK Session
Ian is an experienced sales and product management professional having worked in credit/data services, financial services and telecommunication industries. Ian’s prior roles have included very successful individual business development and account relationship functions.
David Tattam, Director Research and Training

David Tattam
Director, Research and Training, Protecht
David Tattam is the  author of "A Short Guide to Operational Risk" and is recognised internationally as a specialist in all facets of risk management and in particular, enterprise risk management. Prior to founding Protecht in 1999, he held roles as the Head of Operations and Risk Management at two international banks, WestLB and The Industrial Bank of Japan. 

Keith Davies
Director, Sales and Operations, U.K. & Europe, Protecht
Presenter for the UK Session
Keith joined Protecht in 2018 to lead Protecht’s expansion into the UK and Europe. He has over 15 years’ experience in sales and sales management of risk and compliance software and services specifically within the financial services sector.