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Proetcht.ERM Live System Demo

Protecht.ERM System Demo 

Enterprise Risk Management = Integrated Risk Management in Protecht.ERM

Fill out the form to watch the recording. This webinar was done live on Wednesday, 10th July.

Manage risks with an easy to use and configurable system. Watch this short webinar and dive into some of the features that the Protecht.ERM software offers to help you deal with your Risk and Compliance needs in a more efficient way.

In this webinar you will learn how:

  • Protecht.ERM manages the full lifecycle of risk management – assessment, monitoring and incident capture.
  • Other web-based forms can be rapidly built and deployed to capture health and safety items, gifts and entertainment, request to trade, internal audit findings and how these forms can be linked to central libraries of risks, controls and causes – no coding required.
  • The integrated analytics engine allows stunning visualisation of and interaction with the data captured.
  • RiskInMotion is developed - a more fluid picture of risk through aggregation of risk assessments, indicators, attestations, incidents and internal audit findings, and other connected items.

Protecht.ERM – built by risk professionals for better risk management.

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Your presenters

David Bergmark, Chief Executive Officer

David Bergmark
Chief Executive Officer, Protecht
David Bergmark, co-founder of Protecht, is a passionate advocate of using technology to support enterprise risk management issues.  He remains actively involved in Protecht software product development, working with our clients and team to get a better understanding of how enterprise risk management can be brought to life in practical, easy to use software applications.

Keith Davies
Director, Sales and Operations – UK and Europe

Keith Davies joined Protecht in mid 2018 to lead Protecht’s expansion into the UK and Europe. He has over 15 years’ experience in sales and sales management of risk and compliance software and services specifically within the financial services sector in these regions. Keith is based in Protecht’s London office.