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Manage all your BCP risks with an easy to use and configurable system

On-Demand. Webinar recording available Now - APAC session

Come join Protecht during our 35 Minute Lunch & Learn series that covers how to sustain and build a BCP framework for your business, and how our GRC system integrates BCP and supports your planning efforts. This session will run for 35 Minutes and is an open panel for any questions.

See how you can manage the full lifecycle of risk management including Risks, Compliance, Health and Safety, Internal Audit, Incidents and KRIs.

In this live webinar you'll learn:

  • How to define a Critical Process
  • Determine how critical the impact is within your BCP
  • Rating when goes wrong - at what point does it become critical.
  • Connection that brings BCP back to the risk assessment scales
  • Test the components – examination of the teams/assets that deliver a process.
  • Scenario Analysis

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Lead your organisation's risk management, and move away from time consuming manual processes

Key Topics

  1. Protecht.ERM manages the full life-cycle of risk management – assessment, monitoring, mitigation, incident management, issues, and action management.
  2. RiskInMotion - a more dynamic picture of risk through linkages and aggregation of risk assessments, indicators, attestations, incidents, internal audit findings, and other connected items.
  3. Risk Appetite: How to Operationalise your Risk Appetite Statement and visualisation of Risk Appetite Statement Metric Reporting.
  4. Engage your users with My tasks.
  5. Other web-based forms can be rapidly built and deployed to capture critical functions such as health and safety management, gifts and entertainment, complaints, conflicts of interest, internal audit findings business continuity and disaster recovery and how these forms can be linked to central libraries of risks, controls and causes – no coding required.
  6. The integrated analytics engine allows rapid creation of stunning visualisation of and interaction with captured data.
  7. Protecht.ERM – built by risk professionals for better risk management.

Your Presenters

Ian Hadwen 

Ian Hadwen
Chief Revenue Officer

Ian is an experienced sales and product management professional having worked in credit/data services, financial services and telecommunication industries. Ian’s prior roles have included very successful individual business development and account relationship functions.
Jatin Shrestha
Business Development Manager
Jatin is a pro-active, outcome driven, sales professional with over 10 years of experience in various sales positions. He approaches his professional work with a strong emphasis on achieving exceptional results in business and sales KPI’S while at the same time delivering outstanding levels of customer service.