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Regulatory Obligations in Protecht.ERM

Redefining How You Do Compliance Management

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Traditionally, Compliance Management has always been seen as cumbersome due to the amount of manual work, the disconnected breach registers and compliance attestation processes, and a lack of clarity on regulatory requirements.

This webinar was done live on May 12th 2020. During the session we discussed how tracking your obligations in Protecht.ERM addresses these pain points and helps you redefine how you fulfill your compliance obligations.

Learn how Protecht.ERM gives access to the Compliance professional, enabling you to monitor regulatory changes and the impact these will have on your ability to make sure your company and employees follow the laws, regulations, standards, and ethical practices that apply to your organisation.

To watch the APAC session, visit this page.

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See your full compliance lifecycle in one place - from obligations to attestations to breaches.

Are you looking for a better collaboration with your business and peers, improve your risk culture while getting better clarity on your regulatory requirements? Getting better visibility across your compliance activities helps you capture breaches, report to regulators on time and improve risk culture within your business.

What We'll Cover

  • Some key focuses for Compliance
    • Ensuring the business is operating within the law
    • Identifying potential compliance risks and conduct investigations
    • Capturing and reporting breaches to regulators on time
    • Maintaining regulator knowledge across the business and educating staff
    • Ensuring a company's policies and procedures comply with regulatory and ethical standards
  • How regulatory obligations are managed
  • How Protecht.ERM can help Compliance Managers
    • A dedicated compliance site   
    • Cover the complete compliance life-cycle: obligations; attestations; and breaches
  • What dashboards you can produce to monitor your obligations
    • Reporting obligations, actions, policies, breaches and more

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Your Presenters

 Michael Nelson, Project Specialist at LexisNexis
Michael Nelson
Project Specialist, LexisNexis
Michael has been a Project Specialist at LexisNexis since 2019. He is an experienced Senior Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Writing & Editing industry. Skilled in Speech Writing, Copywriting, Proofreading, Editing, and Public Speaking. Strong professional with a Graduate Diploma of Management focused in Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies from University of South Australia.
Adel Fakhreddine
Head of Sales - APAC, Protecht
Adel is a highly-skilled sales management professional with a proven track record in account management, new business development and leadership skills based on a foundation of integrity, trust and ethics. His key area of focus besides Risk and Compliance is Business Research, Marketing and Technology.


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