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Risk Metrics. Bringing this powerful tool to life


"If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it" - Peter Drucker

The measurement and monitoring of risk is difficult. As a result, we often resort to subjective assessments. The use of risk metrics informs us about risk in a more quantitative and real-time way. This enables a dynamic and forward-looking approach to risk management.  

This webinar focuses on the Why? and What? of Risk Metrics and then illustrates the How? through the use of the Protecht.ERM system. 

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Key Topics



                      • Why are risk metrics important and what value do they bring?


                      • What are Risk Metrics?
                      • Types of metrics (Key Risk Indicators, Key Control Indicators, Key Performance Indicators)
                      • Identifying powerful metrics (Leading, Lagging, Weak, Strong)
                      • Visualisation of metrics in Protecht.ERM


                      • How metrics are captured, setting scales, and linking to risk appetite
                      • Maintenance of, and reporting on, risk metrics
                      • Using risk metrics 

Your Presenters

David Bergmark
David Bergmark
Chief Executive Officer, Protecht

David Bergmark is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the Protecht Group. David’s vision and passion is to use technology to drive best practice risk management and embed risk management within each one of Protecht’s clients.

He is the driving force behind the Protecht.ERM system and integrating our thought leadership capabilities into the product to provide a consistent and seamless risk management experience for our customers.

David Tattam
David Tattam
Chief Research and Content Officer, Protecht

David Tattam is the Chief Research & Content Officer and co-founder of the Protecht Group. David's vision is to redefine the way the world thinks about risk and to develop risk management to its rightful place as being a key driver of value creation in each of Protecht's customers.

David is the driving force in driving Protecht's risk thinking to the frontiers of what is possible in risk management and to support the uplift of people risk capability through training and content.

Your Presenters

Thalia Smith - Round Photo

Thalia Smith
Head of Research, Knowledge & Consulting, Protecht
Thalia is an experienced risk practitioner with over 10 years of experience in Line 1 risk within large financial institutions. She has deployed and embedded Operational Risk Management Frameworks, developed Operational Risk training, and enhanced reporting and group operational risk management systems across the business.
Matthew Taylor - rounded

Matthew Taylor
Presales Consultant, Protecht 

Matthew Taylor is an experienced Senior Pre-Sales & Integration Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information services industry with a particular focus on Fraud/Risk & Compliance. Skilled in pre-sales, technical integration, RESTful APIs, client management, and sales.