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Webinar: Risk Taxonomies

Designing and deploying first rate risk and control taxonomies

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One of the common issues that comes out of running a risk management program is difficulty in producing an overall risk profile which can be presented to the board and management. This is often caused by disconnected risk data and can often be traced back to confusing and inconsistent taxonomies.

Watch the recording and learn how building and implementing strong risk and control taxonomies in your organisation can immensely help in aggregating information up to the highest level.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why correct risk and control taxonomies are so important
  • Common mistakes seen in these libraries
  • How hierarchies can be set up within libraries
  • How risk and control taxonomies are brought to life in Protecht.ERM central libraries, such as:
    •  Risk classifications
    • Control classifications
  • How to deal with new risks raised by the business in an ERM system
  • How maintenance reports enable a review of orphan risks

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Your presenters

David Bergmark, Chief Executive Officer

David Bergmark
Chief Executive Officer, Protecht
David Bergmark, co-founder of Protecht, is a passionate advocate of using technology to support enterprise risk management issues.  He remains actively involved in Protecht software product development, working with our clients and team to get a better understanding of how enterprise risk management can be brought to life in practical, easy to use software applications.
David Tattam, Director Research and Training

David Tattam
Director, Research and Training, Protecht
David Tattam is the  author of "A Short Guide to Operational Risk" and is recognised internationally as a specialist in all facets of risk management and in particular, enterprise risk management. Prior to founding Protecht in 1999, he held roles as the Head of Operations and Risk Management at two international banks, WestLB and The Industrial Bank of Japan.